Lions Rep Program

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Boys & Girls
U10 – U17

Season Schedule

Upcoming - Fall 2023

Practice Schedule

Two 90mins Practices a week

Games Schedule

Weekend Sessions



IEM Basketball


Various locations across GTA

The Rep program is ideal for higher skilled players who are looking to compete against players from all over the GTA. We offer a variety of different age divisions from as young as Grade 5 all the way to High School for both boys and girls.

Club Goals Expectations:

Encourage athletes to improve their individual and teamwork skills

  • Showing them how to train and the benefits of it
  • Incorporating the athlete mindset daily

Teach discipline, time management, and facing adversity in a healthy manner

  • How to deal with losing, poor performance (confidence building)
  • Managing playing time and adjusting to different roles on the team
  • Showing up to practice, prepared and motivated
  • Take ownership over their own journey

Provide the athletes and families with the best opportunity to succeed

  • Moving players into more advanced clubs
  • Identify talent and provide more training opportunities.

Education and Academics is a priority

  • Create and implement an academic support program for our athletes

Seasons length


September to March/April


May to August



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(905) 856-3223
or By E-mail


241 Trade Valley Dr
Woodbridge, ON

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