Game6 basketball league


Schedule & Info


9 – 18

Games (Saturdays Only)

9am – 7pm

Practices (weekdays only)

5pm – 9pm

NOTE: Actual practice dates/times will depend on what team/division you are assigned too

The Game6 Basketball League (G6BL) is a program designed for intermediate/advanced athletes that balance fair play rules in a healthy competitive environment. Athletes are assigned to a team and a coach for the full season. Teams will play regular season games and then compete in the playoff rounds. Coaches will focus on teaching and instructing teamwork strategies and staying disciplined in a team setting. All games and practices are weekly at Game6 Sports Academy.

Each season will include:
Combine Evaluation, Regular Season, Playoff Rounds, Championship Finals, and an All-Star Event.

A combine is done at the beginning of each season to evaluate player skills and players are placed into their appropriate divisions with other players with a similar skill set.

Once divisions are made, players are then placed onto teams and assigned coaches. There may be adjustments made to team rosters to help balance and make fair teams for the rest of the season.

Season length


10 weeks


14 weeks


8 weeks
July 8 — Aug 26


15 weeks
Sep 9 — Dec 23


Boys League 

Our G6 Basketball League is designed to encourage our boys to compete at their highest potential in a disciplined and respectful manner. Experienced coaches will help guide our boys to continue their passion for basketball while being an important member of their team. The main goal of this program is to empower our boys and give them an opportunity to build a greater awareness of our community. 


Girls League 

Our G6 Girls program focuses on creating a positive and supportive environment where our girls can play. We offer highly competitive and developmental divisions that make basketball accessible to all of our girls. Our coaching staff has tremendous experience coaching and training girls basketball. The main goal of this program is to give our girls a platform where they can showcase their skills and continue to develop their love for basketball.




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